HID Mobile Access® Legacy Platform End of Life

HID Global is committed to assisting customers with their products throughout the product life cycle and as products are updated and enhanced. HID Global provides General Availability for all its products from the date of market availability until the product has been withdrawn from the market. We apply the following support coverage to the different product life cycle phases:

General Availability

  • Product: Available for sale
  • Sustaining Engineering: Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, and Hot Fixes created for new functionality and/or bug fixes
  • Technical Support: Full
  • Warranty/Repair: Standard Terms

End of Sales

  • Product: No longer available for sale.
  • Sustaining Engineering: No Upgrades, Updates, or Service Packs created. Hot Fixes are created only for critical security issues.
  • Technical Support: Full
  • Warranty/Repair: Standard Terms

End of Life

  • Product: No longer available for sale.
  • Sustaining Engineering: No Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, or Hot Fixes created for any issues.
  • Technical Support: Available on a commercially reasonable basis only.
  • Warranty/Repair: Repair, replacement, substitution, or commercial credit depending on availability.


  • HID Mobile Access legacy platform, a.k.a HID Mobile Access Secure Identity Services (SIS) Portal, will be discontinued, effective September 30, 2020.
  • The Mobile Access service will be moved to the HID Origo cloud platform, delivering a significantly improved performance and reliability, along with new functionality and enhanced user experience.
  • If your organization has a validated integration to the HID Global Mobile Access Portal 1.x API (leveraging SIS portal and using perpetual mobile IDs), it is mandatory to update the API calls for the integration to support the HID Origo Platform and API 2.x.
  • To update your API integration, please contact HID Global Partner Services at [email protected]
  • Existing app SDK integrations (Android and iOS apps) are unaffected when transitioning to HID Origo.
  • Future dates are subject to change

HID Mobile Access Legacy Platform Discontinuation

Life Cycle StatusDatesComments
General AvailabilityUp until November 30, 2019
End of Sales to new HID Mobile Access customersNovember 30, 2019After this date, HID will no longer onboard new customers on the legacy platform. Instead, customers will be onboarded to HID Origo and the Subscription User Licenses business model.
End of Sales to existing HID Mobile Access customersMarch 31, 2020After this date, HID will no longer offer new credential sales to customers that already have an existing account on the legacy platform.
End of Life, Service and Support for the legacy platformSeptember 30, 2020HID Global will continue to fully support all services on the legacy platform until September 30, 2020.
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