Management Team

Björn LidefeltExecutive Vice President and Headof HID Global
Rodney GlassSVP and Head of Operations
RameshSongukrishnasamySVP and Head of Technology
Tim MoxonSVP and Head of CorporateDevelopment
David GentrySVP and Head of Human Resources

Stacey DonahueSVP and Head of Marketing andCommunications
Marc BielmannSVP and Head of IdentificationTechnologies
Steve CurrieSVP and Head of Extended AccessTechnologies
Craig SandnessSVP and Head of Secure Issuance andCitizen ID Solutions
Martin LadstaetterSVP and Head of Identity and AccessManagementSolutions

Martin HuddartSVP and Head of Physical AccessControl Solutions
Karen HigginsSVP and Head of Legal