HID Proximity

125 kHz凭证

HID Proximity credentials offer an affordable yet robust solution for entry-level access control. Explore a variety of form factors to match your needs.

Not sure which credential is the best fit for you? Take a look at the HID Prox Comparison Chart or talk to an expert.

HID Global 为安全智能身份证卡和凭证提供各式各样的物理和逻辑门禁的完整解决方案,以及用于楼宇进出和电脑权限、转移支付、非现金贩售、生物识别及其他应用的集中解决方案。

HID 提供了业内最广泛的智能卡凭证,如证卡、标签和钥匙圈饰物。 作为其产品组合的一部分,HID 还提供非技术身份证明,以及单一技术、多技术和接触式芯片智能卡。

1336 DuoProx® II Magnetic Stripe Proximity Card
1326 ProxCard II® Clamshell Proximity Card
物超所值的 HID 感应卡