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Bodega Norton Winery Case Study
Posted Date: 17 Jun 2018

HID Global radio frequency identification (RFID) technology combined with near field communication (NFC) interoperability brings 21st century expertise to age-old processes and Bodega Norton can...

DTC4250E Datasheet
Posted Date: 14 Jun 2018
iCLASS 标牌数据表
Posted Date: 13 Jun 2018
Animal ID Solutions Brochure  
Posted Date: 11 Jun 2018

This brochure talks about options HID Global offers for tagging livestock, pets, and laboratory animals.

RFID Tag Comparison Chart
Posted Date: 11 Jun 2018
RFID Tag Fixation Whitepaper  
Posted Date: 11 Jun 2018

This guide educates integrators and end users on various available techniques for tag fixation.